The Bemus Point Golf Club & Tap House, situated on 67-acres right in the heart of Bemus Point, NY offers beautiful views for outdoor dining, nine beautifully maintained fairways and greens for a relaxing round of golf, and plenty of opportunities to spend time with familiar friends, while making new acquaintances.​

A series of improvements, including a complete remodel to the existing clubhouse began in September 2017. The plans included a new makeover both inside and out. A new entrance at the front of the building allows customers to easily access the clubhouse from the parking lot, offering a curb-side aesthetically pleasing appeal. The two walls facing the course were opened up with 16’ sliding glass doors to offer a panoramic view of the course.  The kitchen and bathrooms have been rearranged, giving more space to both.  The new bar faces the number nine fairway, with a wider passage leading from the kitchen to the dining room.  Also, the deck dining area has been expanded, with tables and chairs placed on the deck facing the links.  Bryce’s father Mike Steffen, owner of Mike Steffen Contractor Inc., performed the construction.

As the business grows and evolves, the couple plans on creating space for new venues. The plan is not only to enhance the clubhouse but to create a lighter, more open atmosphere, “We want people to come with their friends, family, and pups, and feel relaxed and comfortable, all while enjoying the gorgeous views of each season.” The menu for the restaurant is a creative variation of golf course style foods and a unique take on popular fare. The bar has 20+ beers on tap and features local brews, which explains why the new course is dubbed the “Bemus Point Golf Club & Tap House.”

The Bemus Point Golf Club & Tap House is a terrific choice not only for a round of golf, but a relaxing meal and cold drink after. Whether you are a year-round resident, or visiting the area, The Bemus Point Golf Club & Tap House is an attractive destination you don’t want to miss. While the name may cater to a summer time activity, the Steffen’s are hoping that people will also take advantage of the snowmobile trail that travels through the course during the winter months. Whether you’re here for a quick round of golf or stopping through on your snowmobile adventure, a relaxing meal and delicious beverage always await your arrival. For both the year-round resident and those just visiting the area, The Bemus Point Golf Club & Tap House is an attractive destination you won’t want to miss.

Bryce and Rachael

The former Bemus Point Golf Course is excited to announce the new management team of Bryce and Rachael Steffen. The Steffen’s took over operations of the golf course on September 1, 2017. The golf course remained open, however the Clubhouse was closed for construction through the Fall and Winter months and opened their doors on May 9, 2018.  The clubhouse was renovated to offer a full service restaurant and bar for year-round patronage.

Bryce Steffen was born and raised in Bemus Point, NY. His family has a long-standing history with the course. Mr. Steffen’s grandfather lived in Oriental Park, just off the Bemus Point Golf Club and was an avid golfer.  In fact, Steffen’s grandfather, in a friendly competition, once played 180 holes of golf in a single day.  The whole time his grandfather never scored more than a 46 for nine holes.  All of Bryce’s relatives play, so it’s no wonder he took up golf at a young age.  As an adult, he worked many years for HSBC Mortgage followed by 4 years with Scotts Miracle Gro. Additionally, Bryce owned a mowing and landscaping business, and was co-owner of Chautauqua Lake Snowmobile Services, a snowmobile rental and guided tour business. Bryce is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys all aspects of the seasons.

“We have a drive to be community-oriented and a four season destination,” says Bryce Steffen. “We are incredibly lucky to have the support of everyone here and we are going to remain focused on serving our members, customers, and our community.”

Meanwhile, Rachael Wiley grew up in Ellicottville, attended ECS, and equally enjoyed outdoor activities. She met Bryce in 1999 and was impressed with Bemus Point and the welcoming nostalgia.  “Much like Ellicottville, the Bemus Point community was so inviting and friendly, complete with happiness, smiles, and nice conversation.” Bryce and Rachael married 12 years ago, and she says now, “Bryce and I are a great team, we have the same passion and energy and couldn’t be more excited to embark on this journey together!” Recently she was named COO for ERA Team VP Real Estate and Vacation Rentals.​

“We look forward to creating new memories with you all  and can’t thank you enough for your kindness, encouragement, and support as we embark on this exciting journey together!”

– Bryce & Rachael Steffen